Final DE Report Work

Today is the last day of submission work. We had to make the report on the whole work we had done during the semester. It was very time consuming. It took almost 4 hours to complete only cause of picture were going to edit resize and final touch up. The final report was done by entire group and we proud to get this group which works together.

Date: 08-10-2017

Sheet Completion

The project we done on that week, we have to do sheet for that. This was going to be a time consuming work. First sheet was easy but second sheet took almost 3 hours to complete only because it consists of stencil work and stencil work is time consuming. After that the third and fourth sheet was easy to make. And whole sheet work took 5 hours to complete

Date: 07-10-2017

Product Development Canvas


This was the last part of our de work. In which we were going to use the ideation sheet we made last week. We went to college and mam told us about this sheet. Sir explained how to make the sheet and explained its components. We decided to make the PDC on organic waste which can be turned in soil by just minimal work. The ideation sheet took 2 hours to complete cause many thinking processes were done during that period of time.

New Doc 2017-10-13_1.jpg

Date: 03-10-2017

Surveying Project

We went to college in morning around 8:30 a.m. we went to our surveying lab and mam explained us about our work of that day. Mam also took attendance cause many students came between lab and leave also. To prevent that they decided to took attendance 2 times. On ground man established our stations and gave us our work. It took 3 hour to complete our first project. Then we got 1 hour break. After that our second project was explained. This project was easy compare to other one. It was completed in almost 40 min. then mam took attendance and told us to depart. We took our instrument back to lab and leave the lab.

Date: 02-10-2017

Party Time


Today is Ghandhi jayanti and we had holiday in college. My brother’s birthday was on 4th of October but due to busy day he wouldn’t time to celebrate his birthday so we decided to celebrate his birthday on this day. We ordered cake the day before that day. We celebrated his birthday took him to game parlor because he is only 8 years old. We went to VR mall where there is a game zone for children. We played many games and won many things too and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Date: 01-10-2017



All our studies were going to put on line by the submission and viva. This time I completed all my work before deadline cause last time we didn’t get any time for completing our submission. And also we had complete surveying sheet which were going to be done in this week. So I completed my work and write up all my assignments and other stuffs. Most crucial part was BC assignment cause it was lengthy I had to complete 1 assignment so it took almost 3 hour to complete my last assignment but after that all the assignment related work was completed.

Date: 30-09-2017

Ideation Canvas

Today we went to college and we were told to complete all the sheets up to today and checked it by that day. So we took all our sheets to be checked by professor. It took almost 1 hour to check all of our work and other stuffs. Then professor told us about ideation canvas.

What are its purpose and outcomes. We were told to run a cycle and acknowledge the problems in it and it’s remedial. So this way the sheet was made. This is our ideation sheets picture.

New Doc 2017-10-13 %281%29_1%282%29.jpg

Date: 23-09-2017

Another Friend’s Birthday

Today is my friend’s birthday his name is ujjwal we call him gite by his surname. It was Saturday and we didn’t have our DE class so we decided to go and celebrate his birthday. We went to pizza hut where he gave us party after that we went to Airport road to cut his cake and as expected we covered his face with cake. After that we departed for our home because submissions were coming soon.



First blog post

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